IN ADDITION to our extensive Tennis Program, the amenities of Longshore Lake are designed to fit the varied lifestyles of our residents.


Our Fitness Center is open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Access outside of clubhouse operating hours is by electronic card. The equipment has been selected to provide cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training.

Fitness Equipment


Cardiovascular Equipment: 2 Treadmills, 2 Elliptical Trainers, 2 Recumbent Bikes, 1 Airdyne Bike.
Strength Training Equipment: 6 pieces of Cybex Equipment, Dumb Bells up to 50 weight, Weight and Stretching Benches and Battle Rope.


The Community pool is heated and available for your use 365 days a year - weather permitting - from 8 a.m. to sunset. The pool deck provides residents and their guests a place to bask in the sun or enjoy the shade under the umbrella of our deck tables. Read a book, relax, chat with friends while enjoying the view of our beautiful lake.


A small playground sits near the tennis courts and is designed for our youngest residents. Children age 11 and under are welcome and encouraged to use and enjoy the playground. Children age 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The playground closes at 9 p.m.


While swimming and wading are prohibited in our Lake, boating and fishing are enjoyed by many residents. Fishing from the shore on Foundation property is permitted at any time. Fishing is catch-and-release only. Watercraft may not be longer than 17 feet and may be powered by hand, foot, oars, paddles, sails or electric motor.


Walkers and joggers are a common sight around Longshore Lake. A 2.6 mile walking path circles the property along Longshore Way providing views of the lake, green spaces and beautiful homes.