Realtor's Documents

Purchasing a home in Longshore Lake

If interested in purchasing a home in Longshore Lake please fill out the Sales Application below. The completed application can be mailed or returned in person at least 14 days prior to closing. Sales applications must be submitted with a $150 Transfer fee, in the form of a check, to begin processing. We kindly ask that applications are not emailed or faxed, as they cannot be processed without the Transfer Fee (in the form of a check only).

 The Sales Application 

Fees due to Longshore Lake, for purchase of a home (Due from buyer)
$4500 Capital Contribution Fee (collected at closing, effective 1/1/23)
$250 Estoppel Fee (collected during Estoppel request)
$150 Transfer Fee (paid with Sales Application)

2024 Quarterly Dues: $1325

For Estoppel requests please visit


2024 Approved DMCF & Operating Budget

As required, please provide your buyer/tenant with the Rules and Regulations and the General Covenants of Longshore Lake. See below.

These Rules and Regulations supplement the Governing Documents of the Foundation and the Rules and Regulations of the Architectural Review Board. 

Leasing a home in Longshore Lake

Lease Application & Pet Policy (One application per tenant over the age of 18 is required)
*Applications must be completed entirely, with the Owner's signature and applicable fees, to begin processing.  If pets are residing in a leased home, up to date vaccination records are required prior to processing.

Administrative Fees to rent a home in Longshore Lake: (paid by the tenant, by check with application)
$150 Application Fee
$50 Background Check (Per Applicant age 18 and over)



Longshore Lake Combined Rules and Regulations

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Longshore Lake General Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, Neighborhood Covenants